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"Adventureworks! Associates have been working with Upper Canada College for over 10 years, running week-long �Front Country� adventure expeditions with our staff and students.

While there is value in helping our students connect with far-away natural places, I would suggest there is a greater long-term need to help our students connect to the natural places all around them. Most of our children are likely to live in urban areas, so helping them learn to value and protect green space close to home is a vital investment in the future. You would be amazed at the exciting opportunities available close to home."

Bill Elgie, Director
Norval Outdoor School,
Upper Canada College

Adventure Expeditions

Adventureworks Adventure Expedition programs give students a greater feeling of belonging, personal accomplishment, and self-respect. Students build lasting, meaningful, and personal connections with one another, and the natual world. Reslience, self-fulfillment, and a sense of strong community develop as groups work together through experiences that are transformative, and exciting.

Our customized, multi-day, 'front-country' Adventure Expedition field trips take advantage of the natural settings in our own 'backyards' to create close-to-home adventure experiences in the Greater Toronto area. With schools such as Upper Canada College, the Bishop Strachan School, and Kingsway College School, each Adventure Expedition offers something new and challenging for students. We work with clients to design a one-of-a-kind experience that can include outdoor activities such as Rock Climbing, High Ropes, Rappelling, Paddling, Outdoor Survival Skills, Nature-Based Art, Hiking, and more.

Through the inclusion of Service Learning initiatives and custom content modules, Adventure Expeditions offer invaluable experiential learning opportunities that strengthen student connections to curriculum and the community. Expeditions can also serve to support student success in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which encourages life-long physical activity and community participation.

Adventureworks manages all aspects of the program. From booking, to forms, everything is as easy as possible to provide an expedition that all students and trip coordinators will enjoy. We can help with risk management, parent questions, and information sessions to ensure that all students have the information they need to prepare and participate fully.

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