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Training & Certification

Adventureworks has provided challenge course and adventure facilitation training since 1993. Our trainers and testers are dedicated, skilled professionals – this is what they do for a living – who each draw upon thousands of hours of program delivery experience, significant experience delivering training, and ongoing professional development to deliver current, collegial, and evidence-based training to your staff. Read about our staff here.

About Training: Preparing Skilled Leaders
Our comprehensive training integrates sound principles, foundational concepts, and hands-on practice to ensure your staff can manage risk, create meaningful program experiences, and respond effectively in an emergency. Our curriculum reflects the latest research, standards, regulations, equipment, and techniques. Following training, it may be prudent to verify the skills of your staff members.

About Certification: Professional Verification of Skills
Certification is a comprehensive testing process that follows training and verifies that an individual’s knowledge and skills meet the current industry standard. Adventureworks is accredited to offer certification to ACCT Standards. More details about Certification can be found in the Certification FAQ. Adventureworks also offers a professional Skills Verification – an evaluation of a limited number of site-specific skills.