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Program Development & Support

Our internationally recognized expertise helps you design and deliver high quality challenge course programs. We provide comprehensive program development services including program design, operations review, curriculum development, program effectiveness evaluations, and risk management policy development.

Program Operations Review (Audit)
Our qualified consultants provide an external review of your organizationís practices as required by ACCT Standards. While our Annual Professional Inspections are primarily concerned with the physical aspects of your risk management systems, our Program Audit is concerned with your curriculum, program approach, and capacity to achieve your program goals. A Program Audit helps assess the human systems that operate and lead your program. This is an ideal way to move your programís effectiveness and risk management systems to the next level.

Developing Cutting Edge Curriculum
Following an in-depth needs assessment we develop a custom curriculum package that includes specific lesson plans, recommended experiential exercises and debriefing activities, activity books, equipment, training, and support. Curriculum development can be part of a new installation or can be provided for existing programs.

Managing Risk
Our knowledge of industry standards and current research allows us to evaluate and recommend best practices related to risk management, accident prevention, and emergency planning. We share our wide ranging experience, proven operational systems, and specialized resources to help you develop tools, training, and operational systems that will guide an effective risk management strategy.

Writing and Reviewing Operating Procedures
We develop local operating procedures (LOPs) which reflect local conditions and resources, align with current standards, and manage risks for staff and participants. This process includes developing or reviewing the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manual for your program.

Evaluating Effectiveness
Our program evaluation services measure the effectiveness of your program, document the processes that make it a useful tool for growth and change, and communicate your program's value to stakeholders. We develop questions, choose data gathering tools, and gather, analyze, and interpret data. A final written report includes recommendations that help you further develop your program.